Is your dream to see your product on the shelves of a big brand company? Do you fantasize of working in collaboration with these companies? If so, that’s wonderful that you set goals for your business and dream. But what’s a dream without a plan to achieve it? If you want to discover what you need to do in order to get your product into the stores, take the advice from the business expert who has worked with companies such as Bench. Canada, Le Chateau, RockStar Energy and many more.

Visual Ex Company, founded in 2015, originated solely as a photography based business in Hamilton but has transformed into a group of highly talented specialists who capture your milestones to startup company designs and logos. The founder, Jin Lee, and his team, collaborate together to produce and promote each members individualistic quality designs through photography, web designing, cinematography, social media consulting, and audio engineering.

While balancing the responsibilities of studying computer science at McMaster University and running his own business, Lee found it difficult to handle the job on his own and he knew that with a second-eye, his business would be enhanced. Soon after, a friend of Lee recommended him to get involved with the Ontario Summer Company Program to grow his business. After receiving a $3000 grant, helpful mentorship and gaining connections in his field of work, his business began to take off. He has had the opportunities to work with Le Chateau, Bench. Canada, Rockstar Energy, and Phillip Morris International Tobacco Company.

Although Lee has experienced great success in working with the big brand companies, Lee says, “it’s not exactly what it seems because it’s sometimes not what you know or how hard you work, it’s rather who you know. I have a personal friend who was shopping at Viz Tech. and caught the attention of a marketing manager for Rockstar Energy. The manager was searching for a photographer and if my friend hadn’t recommended me, I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to work for RockStar.”

Tips to Get Your Product in the Big Brand Store

1. Sell Yourself

In order for large companies to notice your business, it is crucial for you to get the word out. As a business owner, you need to recognize the importance in advertising your product in such a way that other companies understand why you stand out from the competition. The companies need to know what you are able to do for them to help grow and benefit their business.

2. Be confident

As an entrepreneur, you need to acquire the quality of confidence which will assure companies that you are capable of doing the job both professionally and successfully. Through conversation, appearance, and how you conduct your business, you must prove that you are fully capable of the job, no matter how simple or hard.

3. Take Risks

Part of the reason why a number of start-up companies fail is due to the lack of bravery. Lee says, “As an entrepreneur, we need to take risks if we want to be successful and see our products in the brand name stores. As a photographer, I have learned that if it’s worth it, go for it.” Business owners must remember to step-out of their comfort zone, take the leap of faith, and be brave.

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Now once your product has made it into the brand name companies, you need to understand how to maintain the business relationship. Lee advises entrepreneurs to, “continue to produce ideas that relate to the company’s vision. You must be consistent with producing the next big thing for the company. During my partnership with Rockstar Energy, I was able to enhance their vision by using a drone to record footage because they had never seen or used a drone to get footage.”

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