Joshua Bottema, the founder of GoWrench Auto, advises aspiring business owners to identify a problem and create a solution for their customers. (GoWrench Auto Press)

A crucial goal for a business owner should be to solve the problems that customers experience in order to make their lives easier and that is the sole purpose of GoWrench Auto– founded by Joshua Bottema.

“No one likes the hassle of having to bring their car into a shop and waiting an excessive amount of time,” Bottema said. “But with GoWrench Auto the benefits are huge over the traditional shop and dealership. Customers will save time and their car can be fixed at their convenience.”

As a successful business owner, Bottema advises aspiring entrepreneurs to identify a problem that society faces and then create a solution.

At 18 years of age, Bottema began his business career when he bought his first business in the service industry. For eight years it grew to over 25, 000 customers and included 10 vehicles. As a busy consumer himself Bottema needed a more convenient service rather than sending staff back and forth or waiting in waiting rooms for repairs to be completed. After discovering that there were no services that offered similar mobile mechanic services, GoWrench Auto was created, Bottema said.

GoWrench Auto is presently a mobile mechanic service which provides repair services that can be done at your home, work or wherever you may be. Their mechanics offer auto repair services such as brake repair and service, electrical system and charging, engine, cooling, belts, pumps, hoses, intakes and seals, steering and suspension, and diagnostic and inspection.

“We can provide 70 per cent of services that full-scale shops offer,” Bottema said. “If there is something we cannot do we have pre-arranged partners who we work with to complete large jobs and rebuilds all while getting the best warranty and price possible.”

Chief Operations Officer Kolton Uitbeyerse and Founder Joshua Bottema provide mobile mechanics who offer car repair services at your home, work or wherever you may be located. (GoWrench Auto Press)

Bottema also represented GoWrench Auto as a finalist in the annual Lion’s Lair competition for 2016 and said that the experience allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur.

“This opportunity provided GoWrench Auto with exposure, connections and career building,” Bottema said. “The competition helped me to craft my business pitch and I gained valuable media training as well … And honestly, I learned that if you want something you have to put in the work and get involved in the process.”

GoWrench Auto is currently servicing multiple cities within Ontario including Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa. The company continues to please their customers and received a five-star rating for car repair and maintenance.

Contact GoWrench Auto

Website: www.GoWrenchAuto.com

Email: service@gowrenchauto.com

Phone: 1 855 462 9681

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