What would you do if you had the opportunity to stand in an elevator with your target market, your next boss or a potential first client? How would you share your business in a short and concise manner within the time span of entering the elevator to exiting at the thirtieth floor? This short amount of time provides you, the entrepreneur, with the chance to share your elevator pitch.

“An elevator pitch is a quick introduction of your company intending to hook your target audience,” Tammy Hwang, the CEO of the CoMotion Group Inc., said. “Your pitch should cause the listener to ask questions about your company and the desire to learn more.”

It is important that every business owner has an elevator pitch prepared, according to Hwang.

“You never know who you are going to speak to,” Hwang said. “As an entrepreneur, you never know if the person sitting next to you on a train or the person sitting across from you at a restaurant could be your first customer or know someone who would benefit from your business.”

Hwang says that having a perfect, short pitch will help you to spread the word and give your listener a basic understanding of your company.

Follow these steps to create an elevator pitch for your company.

Steps for Creating an Elevator Pitch

Listen to this sample elevator pitch for The CoMotion Group.


In order to have a successful business pitch you must be prepared and consider who you are speaking to, Hwang said.

“Having a standard pitch that you know, love and are comfortable with is a good foundation for sharing your business with anyone,” Hwang said. “From there, you must consider the context and what might appeal to the specific customer you are talking to.”

However, including too much unnecessary information will not make for an effective elevator pitch.

“An elevator pitch is meant to be very short,” Hwang said. “So you should ask yourself, ‘What are the most important points that I am looking to convey?’ For example, you do not need to include information about your finances or a current customer.”

Contact The CoMotion Group

Website: CoMotionGroup.ca

Twitter: @CoMotionOnKing OR @TammyHwang

Email: start@comotiongroup.ca

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