This article was written by Julia Molina.

Physically located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sinergia is a brand dedicated exclusively to the making of backpacks and only sells online. Their successful start gave them a solid base to open up their market to new products such as purses, travel bags and accessories.

It’s founders Male Ayerza and Alsacia Verdun began this project combining both backgrounds to create a solid concept and brand. Ayerza knew how to make backpacks and Verdun had a strong marketing and branding background. Together they created a synergy (Sinergia in Spanish) that has propelled steady growth to their company.


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Sinergia’s business model solely relies on e-commerce and advertising through social media. Their most interesting approach is brand and concept development through the use of their own social media channels. They do not own an e-commerce website and sell only by email orders. They have an eco-conscious vision of limited production combined with the idea of limited editions and high-end exclusive products that are transmitted through their social media content only.

Social media is a channel that hasn’t been exploited to its potential. As a branding specialist and digital marketer myself, I discover fascinating case studies that show a commercial advantage for startups and small businesses. Similar to Sinergia, they struggled offline to find the perfect backpack workshop that would satisfy their standards, but once production was set their branding efforts and social media strategies brought about rapid success and steady growth.

What is interesting about this company is that, instead of spending thousands of dollars to open up to the public, they started small with limited production and plenty of attention to their branding process with a model that supported purchasing by email. After much success, they are ready to open an e-commerce site and expand to new markets like Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and the USA. Their most important decision is to not open stores but to keep their business online only, concentrating all their efforts on affordable quality, translated to fair prices with less overcharge.

Sinergia is an effective example of how branding and strategy can support economic growth in any business. Ayerza and Verdun said they are invested in learning all the social media tools available for their business but plan to expand their offices with the creation of an exclusive digital marketing team dedicated to the content production and client services. They believe that by 2019 they will be leaders in their product market and a great example for new online businesses.

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Instagram: Sinergia


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