Working for a company that is not related to your passion or inspires you to grow can be frustrating. And it is unfortunate when you have a goal or business idea that you cannot solely focus on because you have to work that draining job.

But having the bravery to quit a stable job in order to follow your business dreams takes a lot of courage; which many do not have. If you are in this position and are in need of encouragement to take that leap of faith, take the advice of the producer of Hamilton’s number one most viewed podcast.

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Michael Zaccaria, the podcast host and producer of Wut R U Sayin, is a local example of someone who took the risk of quitting a secure job in order to live out his dream.

The purpose of the Wut R U Sayin podcast is to spread knowledge and motivate listeners to be the best versions of themselves. Zaccaria interviews some of the most influential Canadians including entrepreneurs, artists, and academics to initiate powerful conversations but in a casual setting.

A few years after graduating from high school, Zaccaria received a full-time job with the Ford Motor Company. He worked on an assembly line and his role was to screw in bolts into a plate below the muffler underneath a car.

“Each work day I would wake up in a miserable mood,” Zaccaria said when asked how he felt about the job. “I wanted to learn. I wanted to grow. And I felt as if I wasn’t accomplishing anything as I was working there because I wasn’t progressing. It was the worst feeling in my life.”

Zaccaria said that he knew there was something more to life than working a job that he hated. After a conversation with a friend, he made the decision to quit his job.

“I took a Monday off and I attended a business pitch event,” Zaccaria said. “At the event, I met a guy who told me he made a decision at a young age to follow his passion and give up a ‘good job’. It inspired me … and the next day I quit.”

After leaving his job at Ford, Zaccaria said that he is now able to ‘own his time’ and create the life he wants to live. Wut R U Sayin is now recognized as Hamilton’s most viewed podcast and has published almost 50 podcasts. He has interviewed inspiring individuals such as Actor Dana Abraham and award-winning Indie Filmmaker Aaron Wolf.

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When asked to give advice for those who need encouragement to follow their dreams, Zaccaria provided these three tips.
Take the leap of faith

It is not going to be easy to just quit a secure job and live out your dreams. You will be nervous. You will be anxious. But when you do, it is crucial to have a plan and to follow through with achieving your goals, according to Zaccaria.

Have a positive attitude

Zaccaria said that you must understand that you will experience negative thoughts but when you do, you need to force yourself to think of something positive. It is important to be optimistic and know that everything will work for the good if you persevere.

Enjoy the journey

When you enjoy the moment, the ups and the downs and the creation process you will feel so much more fulfilled when you finally attain your goals. You will suffer and endure difficult times but that is how you are going to grow and learn, Zaccaria said.

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