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The Gigit team seeks to give users the ability to show an employer who they really are and what kind of value they can provide. (Photo Courtesy to The Forge)

In the digital age, it is difficult to capture an employer’s attention with the traditional paper resume. Research shows that recruiters spend an average of only six seconds looking at a candidate’s resume, according to the job search site

So how to do you stand out from other applicants when your resume is a boring, black and white piece of paper that is bound to be thrown in the garbage?

In creating a digital resume as opposed to a paper resume, candidates have the ability to demonstrate their work experience and skills in an interactive way, a Hamilton entrepreneur said.

“The main goal is to provide a platform that changes the way people see the traditional paper resume,” Christopher McIntosh, the president of Gigit, said, “and turn it into a digital resume that not only includes the skills that you’ve learned but also multimedia, validated endorsements, reviews and ratings from people in the community.”

Gigit is an open platform allowing for organizations who are seeking individuals to perform gigs to connect with those looking to do gigs. Gigit is directed to the gig economy.

The gig economy, according to McIntosh, is defined as a labour market working as freelancers or on short-term contracts rather than having a permanent job.

The Gigit marketplace is composed of two categories; gigiteers or gigs. Gigiteers are people who provide paid or volunteer work for others in their communities. Gigs, however, are posted by employers or those who need help with accomplishing a task. 

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The Gigit digital resume is a tool to help you track all of the work you do, the skills you acquire and gives people an opportunity to express themselves to their employers the way they would like to be viewed in their professional life.

There are several benefits of a digital resume as opposed to a paper resume, McIntosh said.

Flexibility of tracking what you’ve done in the past

“When you are creating your resume, it can be very difficult to simply talk about yourself in a positive way and remember what you have done in that past,” McIntosh said. “But with a digital resume, you can upload videos, post pictures and write about what you’ve done. This will make it much easier to demonstrate your strengths rather than having to explain it.”

The digital resume stores and saves your content in one space and thus makes it easier to make changes and customize it in the future.

Opportunity to be expressive

“The use of multimedia to display what you’ve done and can do will be a lot more intriguing for a potential employer,” McIntosh said. “Whether it is dog-walking, contracting or even a volunteering opportunity, you can show your hands-on experience through videos. This allows employers to see that you are qualified and are not lying about what you said you have done.”

Interactive between employer and employee

With a paper resume, the only way an employer can receive an applicant’s resume is if they apply to the job or physically bring their job application for viewing.

In having a digital resume, however, job seekers do not have to send out their resumes. They just have to publish their work experience online.  

“As an employer, you can use Gigit to keep track of potential employees by looking at their digital resume over a long period of time,” McIntosh said. “You can see how future candidates have grown from their work experiences and get a sense of their character through videos and photos.”

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