Visual After Visual, or VAV for short, is a professional video production and photography company from St. Catharines, Ont. VAV was founded in July 2017 by childhood friends Clay Upson and Leon Gash.

Clay, who is the head producer and creative director, has had a passion for the camera from a young age and brings years of experience in video production from his freelance work and self documentation along his journey as a fitness competitor in Calgary. Clay was able to use these skills to build a following of over 10,000 on Instagram and leveraged this following into sponsorships and entrepreneurial opportunities in the fitness industry.

Leon is the project manager and holds an accounting degree from Brock University. Leon combines his education in business and accounting with Clay’s creative expertise, to provide a solution for forward thinking business owners and experts who connect with their clients through the Internet and social media.

Listen to their inspiring business journey and the advice they shared on gaining followers using videography, photography and social media with entrepreneurs at the 15th Generation Z Hamilton networking event.

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