Since first immigrating to Canada from Tuxtepec, Mexico in 2002, Témo Cruz has considered Hamilton his home. His passion for city-building led him to graduate from the architectural technology program at Mohawk College and from Canada’s only architecture project and facility management degree at Conestoga College. Shortly after completing his architectural thesis on re-purposing cargo containers into community ‘cargotecture’ concepts, Cruz founded LeafBox Concepts in Canada’s startup capital – Waterloo, Ont.

Leafbox Concepts up-cycles used cargo containers into off-grid rentable retail and event platforms which are rooted in the three pillars of sustainability; environment, economy and social.

Cruz’s role as the founder and CEO is to provide the vision and strategic planning for the company’s future, as well as to execute the marketing and business development goals for LeafBox Concepts. He has over five years’ experience in various architectural, engineering, and construction companies and is currently involved with Young Architects of Hamilton group.

Listen to Cruz share his business journey at the 21st Generation Z Hamilton networking event.

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