From a young age, Ifabiyi Adaran developed a passion for streetwear culture. He was always drawn to the clean patterns and colour ways that accompanied a culture celebrating musicians that he has respected his whole life. Ifabiyi also had an interest in tech and this eventually turned into a curiosity towards the growing landscape of eCommerce in Grade 10. It was around this time that Ifabiyi combined his passion with his curiosity to set him on a journey centred on finding his place in the streetwear vertical in eCommerce.

Ifabiyi saw some quick wins, followed by many lessons. This path presented him with opportunities to connect with many talented individuals before their fame such as Russ, Felly, and Taofeek who was recently featured as a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Art & Style.

While receiving inspiration from witnessing the rise to success of these artists – this path eventually led to the creation of his now global streetwear brand – Silenced Clothing. Silenced clothing aims to create aesthetic streetwear from which their supporters can feel comfortable wearing both in their moments of victory and their moments of reflection. At this point, Ifabiyi has been lucky enough to receive viral attention on Twitter, dedicated fans, and the opportunity to take his passion to new heights.

Listen to Ifabiyi share his business journey at the 22nd Generation Z Hamilton networking event.

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